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9 Jul 2017
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Master Pool Beat Your Friends

First things you need are the tools to practice: pool table, seven striped balls, seven solid balls, an eight ball, a cue ball, and two pool sticks (if you have someone to play against).

5 Aug 2017
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The Billiards Roll Technique

Pool is a very popular game which originated from billiards. Billiards actually derived from outdoor lawn games back before the 13th century.Many people do not know that.

5 Aug 2017
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Common Types Of Pool Table Balls

There are several different types of pool table balls. If you are interested in learning how to play pool, it is in your best interest to learn as much as you possibly can about pool balls. A pool ball may also be referred to as a "Billiard Ball".

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  •   7 Jul 2017   Posted By Mae P.   15 Favs   9 Comments

    Billiards Masse Shot Techniques

    A throw technique is another kind of English used when playing billiards. The cue ball makes contact with the object ball; the spin goes to the object ball. However, this is done the opposite of what its usual format. With the spin and the object ball, the spin is thrown the other way. When you use English throws with a cue ball, the object ball is thrown by it.

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  •   13 Aug 2017   Posted By Deloris S.   21 Favs   10 Comments

    Pool Table Maintenance Is Worth Your Time

    Pool tables are expensive to buy and when you put your money into something like that, you want to be able to get many hours of play time off of it. It is important to take care of such a toy so you, and others, can enjoy it for years to come.

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  •   5 Aug 2017   Posted By Delbert T.   65 Favs   4 Comments

    Learning How to Play 9-Ball Pool

    The main goal of 9-ball is to sink the actual 9-ball in a pocket. When you achieve this you have won the game.

    When racking, the first 9 pool balls are used. This is different from the original 8-ball game because they use all fifteen balls, instead of only nine.

    Each has a different color, and they are numbered 1 to 9.

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  •   9 Jul 2017   Posted By Quinton S.   8 Favs   3 Comments

    What to Know When Purchasing Billiards Room Accessories

    Getting a pool table is an exciting process. You will want to get something that you will enjoy and will suit your personal needs.

    When buying a pool table you should consider what accessories will work best for you.

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  •   8 Aug 2017   Posted By Dale V.   57 Favs   3 Comments

    Give the Kids Incentives to Stay Home

    You want to improve your home. You have been living in it for a couple years but it is getting a little boring and your kids are no longer staying at your house to play.

    You might try to coax them with cookies and candies but still they go to their friends because they tell you their friends have "cooler games.

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  •   6 Jul 2017   Posted By Van H.   96 Favs   6 Comments

    Gambling How To Start and Stop

    Gambling is one of the lucrative gaming activities in the society today. It is lucrative in the sense that it renders endless possibilities for a businessman to earn more money.

    This is where the reality sinks in, that, in gambling, the only person who gains from it is the business man or the owner of the gambling business.

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  •   12 Aug 2017   Posted By Wilson F.   13 Favs   6 Comments

    Pool Cue's Today

    Billiards or pool is a fun game to play with friends and family. There are also highly competitive professionals that participate in tournaments for prize money.

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  •   13 Jul 2017   Posted By William F.   28 Favs   7 Comments

    Billiards Using the Rails

    Billiards is a game of geometry, of skill, of precision, and of practice, without all of these it is unlikely that you are going to be a very good player. Luckily for you here is a document specifically designed to teach you exactly how to approach some of the more confusing and complicated shots.

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  •   23 Jul 2017   Posted By Jennie H.   96 Favs   6 Comments

    Electronic Dart Boards: An Improved Experience

    Playing darts has always been a favorite pastime for many families. But, it appears that electronic dart boards have made it even more fun and convenient to play the game. However, there will always be those diehard dart board players who think that electronic dart boards have managed to weaken the game of darts by making everything so convenient.

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