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13 Jul 2017
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Family Fun With a Billiard Room


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Posted By Patrice F.

Family fun with a billiard room is a dream for some families. Spending time with the ones you love, playing a challenging game of billiards is a great way to spend your spare time.


Billiards is game much like pool but on a larger table and a few adjustments to the rules. Billiards have been around for a long time originating in England where it was a past time that was very popular. Billiard rooms were very formal and chockfull of leather and heavy wood. A very male dominated past time. Families typically would not gather in the billiard room but that has changed.

A Billiard Room

Billiard rooms are gaining in popularity again. During the 1970's billiard rooms were often in American homes. Than they disappeared again for a while.

A billiard room today is not required to be dark and masculine and there can be plenty of family fun with a billiard room, it has lost its exclusive men's only feel. Family fun with a billiard room begins as soon as the billiard table is installed. Everyone wants to try their hand at the skill of shooting billiards. The billiard room can be a gathering room where friends and family can come to kick back and relax. Family fun with a billiard room can be extended to neighbors and friends, teams can be made up and tournaments can be held. Family fun with a billiard room would be something each member of the family would look forward to. A billiard room can be used as a party room as well.

Having birthday parties in the billiard room would be a great way to guarantee family fun with a billiard room. Allowing family members to invite there friends over on pre-scheduled days would insure no bickering amongst siblings and would also guarantee family fun with a billiard room. Billiard rooms do not have to be extravagantly decorated for family fun with a billiard room, they can be simply designed. Even the billiard table does not have to be top of the line if the goal is for family fun with a billiard room. The billiard table can be quite simple. Even a second hand billiard table would work fine. Other games can be incorporated into the billiard room. Air hockey would be a great addition to a billiard room and would increase family fun with a billiard room. Board games can be made available as part of the stock of added fun for the room, video games and comfortable seating would be another great addition to the room and also increase family fun with a billiard room.


Paying for a billiard table and having it installed in a dedicated space can be expensive but when taken into account how much money is spent on outside entertainment for families it does not seem that expensive. Family fun with a billiard room will be worth the expense and will pay for itself over time.

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By Quinton S. on JUL 16 2017 @ 2:23PM

We had a pool table when I was young, and I really loved playing it. In fact, I would play it for hours and hours on end.

By Ebony G. on JUL 15 2017 @ 10:13AM

Pool, actually takes a lot of concentration and focus. I think it's a great game for kids.

By Wilbert G. on JUL 15 2017 @ 7:10AM

If you don't have the money or space to get a full size table, you can get a little bit smaller one and still have a lot of fun with it.

By Anthony G. on JUL 14 2017 @ 9:15AM

For any friends and guests though, espeically youngsters, make sure that they know the rules of playing and respecting the table. Otherwise, you'll quickly end up with stains, scrapes and other damage.

By Lorenzo H. on JUL 14 2017 @ 7:21AM

Sounds like fun!

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