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28 Jul 2017
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Options In Pool Cues


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Posted By Muriel M.

If you play pool, you are sure to realize that there are many different types of pool cues available. Narrowing down which one that you want will take some time, but you will be very happy when you realize what a difference it can make in your game. A high-quality and affordable cue, from a manufacturer like Schon, can be just the one that can upgrade your game and give you hours of enjoyment with superior hit ability.

Superior materials,action Pool Cues are made from high quality materials that will give you a solid hit time and time again. They will hold up well to play and will give you a comfortable stick that will make your game more consistent.

This pool cue looks just like the house models and can make them think that you just picked up a cue before playing, rather than bringing one from home. Even though it is two-piece, in some brands of cues, this is almost impossible to tell, simply because of how well they are made.

Another reason for choosing a Schon pool cue is the great beauty and selection. These unique pool sticks are not plain and uninspired sticks. They feature great style and design that will help you express your own individuality each and every time that you play the game. They live up to the meaning of their German meaning of the Schon name, which means beautiful.

You will be delighted to play your game with one of these beautiful sticks. With the beauty and accuracy of the Schon cues, you will find that your game is brought up to a new level. You will enjoy it more with a stick that you like the look of and you will make your game more competitive and fun.

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By Doreen W. on AUG 1 2017 @ 6:05PM

Pool cues can warp, especially in really dry climates, so if that happens, don't worry, you may have to replace it, but it just goes with the territory.

By Dianna B. on AUG 1 2017 @ 4:22PM

19 is my favorite weight for a cue.

By Van H. on JUL 31 2017 @ 8:22PM

Having a pool cue that you love is as much mental as it is mechanical. You just play better with a cue that you're comfortable with.

By Lena W. on JUL 30 2017 @ 9:09PM

I'd feel kinda wierd walking into some place and breaking out my cue case though. I'd have to play really darn good to justify that.

By Alfonso S. on JUL 29 2017 @ 1:10PM

Wood isn't the only material for pool cues, try experimenting with some others.

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