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7 Jul 2017
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Billiards Masse Shot Techniques


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Posted By Mae P.

A throw technique is another kind of English used when playing billiards. The cue ball makes contact with the object ball; the spin goes to the object ball. However, this is done the opposite of what its usual format. With the spin and the object ball, the spin is thrown the other way. When you use English throws with a cue ball, the object ball is thrown by it.

Aiming a shot requires both mental and physical contributions. To start with, you imagine the shots and contact points of the balls. Next, ensure that one of your eyes fully focuses on the billiard shot. Finally, ensure that your body posture is well positioned for the shot. You must also have a clear assessment of the table in order to execute your shot properly.

The object ball is thrown to the left (where the red line is). An object ball that has an expanded hit is executed with the object ball pocketed. This is done with the throw technique. Look at the white line to see if no English was executed on the cue ball. This is the original way for the object ball. When you use the throw, it has to include how much spin is on the cue ball. There will be more throw if there is more spin. Using a softer stroke will provide more effect for a throw than a harder stroke will.

If you're thinking about combos, masse shot techniques can be implemented. The distance can be longer with these. On the other hand, there is still an uncertainty regarding this. You may want to look at a stroke speed. With the cue, go for a different angle. Take a look at various curves while looking at the tip's contact point as you prepare to shoot the white ball. You can have a greater advantage by doing this.

By looking at some of the seasoned yet successful players like Archer and Bata Reyes, you would realize that they position their chins atop the cues as they use their dominant eyes when aiming. Finally, practice the aiming techniques in your head as much as possible and you will be surprised at how easy it will to execute them on a billiard table.

Comments (9)

By Doris D. on JUL 11 2017 @ 3:03PM

Is it true that most places ban you from doing this shot because of the high chances that you'll make contact with the felt?

By Candace M. on JUL 11 2017 @ 2:12PM

Have you ever seen the movie The Color of Money? It's a great film and if you weren't into pool before, you just might be after watching it.

By Denis P. on JUL 10 2017 @ 6:03PM

I have yet to ever see someone use this in a real life situation. Maybe one day.

By Earl Y. on JUL 10 2017 @ 6:20AM

Coolest shot ever.

By Lydia I. on JUL 9 2017 @ 3:00PM

Wouldn't a jump shot be used in similar situations, where you have a ball you need to get around, or over.

By Alice O. on JUL 9 2017 @ 2:12PM

Yeah, but tell the guy that you're not supposed to sit on the table.

By Sterling G. on JUL 9 2017 @ 9:03AM

If you go on YouTube, you can find where people have actually done this in competition.

By Sylvester B. on JUL 8 2017 @ 9:02AM

There's almost always an easier shot than doing this.

By Eileen N. on JUL 8 2017 @ 7:03AM

I've tried doing this, but I can't get very much bend on it at all.

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