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9 Jul 2017
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Master Pool Beat Your Friends


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Posted By Ryan E.

First things you need are the tools to practice: pool table, seven striped balls, seven solid balls, an eight ball, a cue ball, and two pool sticks (if you have someone to play against).

This game takes a certain amount of investment to get good at, because every single pool table is going to be a dollar a play or more, depending where you're at.

I promise you are going to need these. No one has become a master at pool overnight just by reading about it.

What this read will do is tell you the techniques and tricks to practice so you know how to play and don't spend time developing any bad techniques. It is much easier to learn it right the first time, than to try to unlearn something that has become a habit.

First you must understand the shots: The break, the straight, the slice, the bank, and the cannon. The break is the first shot of the game, which you probably already know about.

If you want to make it count here is what you do, place the cue ball to one side so first it is going at the rack at a slight angle. It is like when you bowl coming from the side gives you more surface area and contact.

Be sure with the break that you follow through. This shot requires power, and lots of it.

One other thing about this break, here is the real secret: slightly hit your cue ball above center. What this will do is give it a little forward spin, which will carry it through the rack and break it up a little more.

The straight shot is the easiest and most common shot in pool. Although, when you're shooting from one end of the pool table to the other it can become quite difficult.

So use your pool stick as a reference to judge the angle you need to hit your ball at, because sometimes using your blind eye can be problematic. Be sure to control the ball; try not only to pocket your ball, but to get it in a nice spot for another shot.

Slice shots are when you hit the ball just on the end to get them moving at about a ninety degree angle. Lightly hit the cue ball to just rub the side of the object ball; if you hit the cue ball to hard it will carry to much momentum, and if you hit it to soft it will not transfer any kinetic energy.

Bank shot is a difficult one to get the hang of. Use your pool stick as reference again, and try to visualize the angles that you will need to hit the ball at; if possible use the reference diamonds on the board.

Be sure to hit the ball dead center with bank/ cushion shots. Any amount of spin on the ball will take it off course.

Comments (2)

By Hattie K. on JUL 13 2017 @ 3:01PM

I've never heard of the slice.

By Faye R. on JUL 10 2017 @ 7:07PM

No matter how experienced you are, the mental game always plays a big role. Once you get psyched out and lose your confidence, stuff just won't fall, no matter how much you try and judge the angles.

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