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13 Aug 2017
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Pool Table Maintenance Is Worth Your Time


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Posted By Deloris S.

Pool tables are expensive to buy and when you put your money into something like that, you want to be able to get many hours of play time off of it. It is important to take care of such a toy so you, and others, can enjoy it for years to come.

There are components of pool tables that require careful maintenance as the simplest mistake can ruin the quality of play for your table. Or sometimes parts require to be replace, such as the cloth of the table.

Or simple damage could be easily prevented as well. Pool and snooker tables are sturdy and built to last but without taking care of them, they will wear down and the quality of play will suffer because of it.

It is not just the pool and snooker tables that need maintenance but also the other accessories with it as well, such as balls and sticks. The playing surface for a pool table is felt; usually green. The cloth needs to be taken care of carefully since you don't want to ruin it while keeping it clean.

After years of playing with your pool table, chalk and normal dust will get underneath the cloth. Picking up the dust from underneath the cloth should be done with caution as you don't want to pull the cloth from the bed of the table causing it to be loose.

So when you vacuum the cloth make sure you do not use a nozzle as it will also not lift up the fabric causing the cloth to be no longer smooth.

Often random particles, such as hair or dust, will build up on the table but will not be underneath the cloth. These should also be removed carefully as even simply using your fingers to pick at it may cause damage to the cloth.

Also you will probably miss particular spots by just using your fingers to pick it up. If you use lint rollers along the table it will pick up all the dust and particles without missing any spots and harming the cloth of the pool or snooker table.

Afterward, brushing your table in the direction you break will also keep the cloth in good condition.

The cloth of any pool or snooker table can be the hardest thing to keep in tip top shape. Many pool and snooker table owners experience color lost in their cloth.

There are simple methods in keeping the color with your cloth. First would be to thoroughly spray on a monthly basis a light mist of water on the table.

Even if you see the color starting to fade with just a spray of water it will help bring back the color and keep it tight. Also another easy method that will help reduce the deterioration of the color of the cloth would be to keep the table away from the sun.

Try not to locate you pool or snooker table in your sun room as it will increase the discoloration of the cloth easily. Or just simply have a cover for you pool or snooker table top.

Some of the damages that pool and snooker tables suffered commonly are the way players treat the table. There are lots of players that disrespect the fact that these tables are worth quite a bit of money.

Damages that cause seams to break on the slate are often preventable. One such means includes no heavy leaning against the side of the table, even though it may not seem like you are doing any damage.

Another cause for that particular damage is when players bump their hip against the table to make the ball go into a pocket. Both these inappropriate actions will lead to lines in the cloth caused by the broken seam.

Pool tables are expensive items for one to own. They are also as delicate as their price and if the proper maintenance is not given to the pool and snooker table then they will deteriorate.

By just spending a small amount of time, and by being aware of actions that can damage the table will help keep yours in tip top shape. Even if you do not use your table a lot it is still a good idea to keep it in good condition so you are able to resell it one day.

Comments (11)

By Brent L. on AUG 17 2017 @ 4:20PM

Yes, be careful about vacuuming the felt. Sure the felt can be replaced if you mess it up, but why do that, just don't mess it up to begin with.

By Michael B. on AUG 17 2017 @ 1:20PM

Not sure if this is really maintenance, but don't hit the balls so hard that they slam into the back of the pockets, cause that'll wear them out.

By Wilma W. on AUG 17 2017 @ 1:13PM

For anyone that lives in a really humid place, it's a good idea to run a dehumidifier in the room that your pool table is in. All that humidity can be bad for it.

By Ivan V. on AUG 17 2017 @ 12:13PM

Whenever you buy something nice, you should take care of it.

By Armando O. on AUG 16 2017 @ 6:13PM

Should you wash the balls periodically? I would imagine that they'd get a bunch of chalk and junk on them after a while, especially the cue ball.

By Lydia P. on AUG 16 2017 @ 12:19PM

Just mainly brushing and covering it is what I do.

By Henry C. on AUG 15 2017 @ 6:07PM

Oh, I never actually thought of using a lint roller, but that's a good idea.

By Eleanor B. on AUG 15 2017 @ 2:06PM

I do brush the table, but I never thought to brush it in the direction that I break. Makes sense.

By Gary O. on AUG 15 2017 @ 10:09AM

Good info.

By Candice R. on AUG 14 2017 @ 11:12AM

There's not a whole lot you have to do.

By on DEC 31 1969 @ 5:00PM

I never leave my pool table without it's cover, and I make sure my kids do the same. I don't like getting dust on it because that gets into the felt, and I don't want to vacuum it out and mess it up even more.

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