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23 Jul 2017
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Electronic Dart Boards: An Improved Experience


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Posted By Jennie H.

Playing darts has always been a favorite pastime for many families. But, it appears that electronic dart boards have made it even more fun and convenient to play the game. However, there will always be those diehard dart board players who think that electronic dart boards have managed to weaken the game of darts by making everything so convenient. However, for those who are used to the ease of life that is available due to technological advances, this article is going to discuss just a few of the differences that one can expect when using electronic dartboards .

Automatic Scoring

One of the best things about electronic dartboards is that they are now automated. Now, players do not have to worry about the hassles that are associated with keeping track of the score during a game. The score will automatically show up on the board for all users of the game. Now, a person can totally concentrate on winning the game and making a mockery out of their opponents. Enjoy the game and leave the hard stuff to technology.

Increased Safety

One of the biggest problems with the old game of darts involved the steel tip darts. Electronic dart boards do not have this problem because they have soft tip darts instead. When using electronic dartboards, parents will not have to worry about their children getting harmed from steel tip darts. Soft tip darts are much safer than the steel tip darts of the past. However, soft tip darts are not as sturdy as steel tip darts. Although they may not last as long, they are still a much safer choice than there predecessor. But then again, it is up to the user to decide which is more important. Will it be durability or safety? One will have to decide if the features of the new electronic dartboards meet all required standards.

Required Electricity

Quite naturally, electronic dart boards need electricity. Keep in mind that in order to play the game, it has to be near an electric outlet. For many this may not pose a problem. But others, it may mean moving various pieces of furniture around just to play a little game of darts. Some might argue that they had to shuffle the room around when playing the old type of darts. But, just remember, that electricity is required to play with the electronic version. Even though the game can be played with batteries, they probably have to be changed quite frequently. This might end up being a drain on the wallet of an avid user.

In conclusion, electronic dart boards have made the game of darts much easier and convenient. Although there are those who think that this new technological invention has just simplified the game of darts too much, others thing that the game has been improved greatly. The game of darts will continue to be a favorite family pastime. However, electronic dartboards have just managed to give the game a new technological advantage. Both old and new generations can enjoy these advancements.

Comments (6)

By Olive B. on JUL 26 2017 @ 8:14PM

The good thing about electronic boards is that they keep score for you...less to think about!

By Erika G. on JUL 26 2017 @ 6:01PM

My favorite games are 200s or 300s on these.

By Vance H. on JUL 26 2017 @ 6:23AM

Does anyone remember how to play Cricket?

By Damien H. on JUL 25 2017 @ 1:10PM

Don't mess up the tips on these. I've done that a couple of times, and once they're bent up, they don't work nearly as well.

By Gwen B. on JUL 25 2017 @ 8:20AM

I wonder if these stick to the board as well as regular darts.

By Gary R. on JUL 24 2017 @ 10:12AM

I just got a magnetic dart board, it's more of a toy for my son, but it actually works pretty well for what it is.

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